Scented Candles Online

Lemon Grass Industries, a leading manufacturer of exquisite handmade candles and soaps, is now offering their scented candles online and available to the general public. Lemon Grass’ reputation for creating unique candles and soaps is unprecedented within the industry. Admired for their beauty, our candles are designed by artists whose masterpieces compliment any decor. Lemon Grass candles have long, lingering, unique fragrances that will relax and keep you captivated for hours upon hours.

By offering our scented candles online we’re allowing everyone access to buy directly from the manufacturer. Headquartered in Coconut Creek, Florida, Lemon Grass takes great pride in our 100% handmade scented candles and botanical soaps. Using only the best quality ingredients, our candles are made with great care, consistency and enjoyment. With intense fragrances, neutral to bright color tones, and numerous sizes to choose from, you are guaranteed to find a scented candle online that’s perfect for you!